Contexto Game - A New Wordle Alternative
HaileyMay 15, 2023 16:55 PM
Wordle is a viral word game that has taken the internet by storm. The game involves guessing a five-letter word in six tries, with clues given by colored squares.
What Phrases Are Accepted in Phrazle Game?
HaileyJune 07, 2023 15:41 PM
Not all phrases are accepted in Phrazle game. Join and discuss what phrases are accepted in Phrazle.
Spotle: How To Play The Spotify Wordle Game
HaileyJune 21, 2023 09:06 AM
If you're a fan of both Spotify and the word-guessing game Wordle, then you're in luck! Spotle is for you, it challenges players to guess the names of songs with provided clues.